from: Pittsburgh
Lived: East Africa
Living: minneapolis
Was: pentecostal
Now: Anglican
status: married (Laura), Kids (tegan, Rowan & soren)
Enneagram: 5w6
Posting re: books, church, culture, + dad life.

You take me in, you lead me out

At the end of the year, I will allow my credentials with the Assemblies of God to lapse.

The tendency I have as an Enneagram Five is to comprehensively demonstrate the absolute logic and complete coherence in the decisions I make, especially if there’s a chance that decision would be called into question. So when it comes to justifying a big change like a switch from one denomination to another, I’m tempted to do just that.

But I have three kids, 4 years and under, so the chances of that happening are slim to none :)

Instead I think I just want to deal with things as they come to mind. And truthfully, my decision making process is as much gut-instinct as it is logical. My hope is that maybe by writing it all down I can do some mental housekeeping, and maybe help someone along the way.

As we ended our work overseas and returned to Minnesota, it seemed like a natural time to try something new. We found an Anglican church plant in South Minneapolis that had a compelling vision of the kingdom, was very warm and welcoming, and is intentionally (pardon the cliché) missional. Plus in addition to a number of older couples, there a lot of young families as well, from a variety of church backgrounds. We love it.

It may seem strange, a transition from the Assemblies of God to Anglicanism. To me it seems a very natural transition, for a number of reasons. But really, leaving the A/G and becoming Anglican are two separate things. And I’ll spend a number of posts talking about components of each of those moves.

I’ll end with this: a great comfort through this time has been a song by the worship band Housefires. They have a song called Mountain to Valley, conceptually pulled from Psalm 121. A particular refrain, taken from verse 8, “You take me in, you lead me out,” has been my banner.

The Lord will keep
    your going out and your coming in
    from this time forth and forevermore.

As I’m leaving one tradition and embarking on another, I have a great confidence that God is the director of my steps, and is keeping my going out and coming in. Amen and amen.

You are what you love