Highlights from East Africa

Tanzania — 2010-2011
Djibouti/Kenya — 2014-2018

Kids on the street

Kids, kids playing football, kids chasing roosters. This is every day growing up in Djibouti. Entrepreneurial little humans always ready and willing to relieve you of your excess pocket change.

Dil Tourab Entertainment

Djibouti’s first recording company. Featured in the Nov/Dec 2015 issue of Brownbook. Courtesy of Brownbook Magazine and Aaron Van Luven.

Bankoualé / Randa

The Afar regard themselves as one ethnic group, but geopolitically their population of about three million is divided among three countries: Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti.

On Safari

What photographic representation of East Africa is complete with a few animals? Although Africa is so much more, and so much more surprising, there is an undeniable magnetism to these majestic creatures.

Beaches of Djibouti

One of Djibouti's simple pleasures is visiting one of its handful of beaches. Whether its Khor Ambado, Douda Plage, Turtle Island, or Arta, a dip in the Gulf of Tadjoura is soul enriching. Not to mention the world class snorkeling and whale sharking.


Also known as pétanque, the French counterpart to the Italian bocce is played nightly in an area known as the garden and throughout the city. For 20 franc you can try your luck against Djibouti's best.

The Tea Fields of Kenya

There’s a decent chance your cup of tea started here.